Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thesis time!

My topic... graphically.

Thesis statement version 1.0

In response to the depletion of music education within the public school system, central nodes within effected communities must accommodate users of all ages to provide and promote the education of music due to its vast benefits to the mind.

We are surrounded by music from the day we are born to the day we die; it affects how we feel, our creativity, our concentration and critical thinking abilities. Learning to read and play music at a young age stimulates multiple parts of the developing brain; that which other subjects such as math and science cannot provide. Removing this vital education from our youth is unacceptable and must be provided through a community effort to create a better future for our youth.

Music education is widely misunderstood and has taken the back seat to subjects such as math, science and literature within the elementary and middle school curriculums. Parents are faced with the option to pay for their children to be educated in music, or be faced with no music education at all. Let it be known, the brain is in its most sensitive state in a young child; most neural connections happen in development and the stimulation that music education provides helps develop parts of the brain unlike any other subject provided in school. In an effort to bring the education back to the children, we must look towards the community for support by providing an outlet for this education to be conducted. Creating a space for which the local music community can come together in all aspects of the music industry (rehearsing / recording / performing) can help create a central revenue stream which can help pay for the education for our children. Together, these two groups can help form a self sufficient education process in which the educated supports the un-educated to create a linear path through each generation of children. We can view this system as a pleasing combination of elements in a whole, which is the definition for harmony. This music hub will not only fortify music education within its community, but also act as a gathering space for different cultures and ages to interact and enjoy music in its purest form. Children will now have a space to incubate their musical talents and grow into a successful human being no matter what career path they decide, knowing that they will always have their musical talents to fall back on.

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